CampZer0, the first zeroth H.A.C.K. camp

Ticket Prices

CampZer0 is a non-profit community event, as such we expect all participants to contribute equally. That also means the final "ticket price" depends on the number of participants: the more people come, the cheaper the entry will be.

Based on the registrations on our ticket-vending machine the current price is around 60 EUR or 19.000 HUF per person, this however is expected to go lower as people who have not registered will show up. To encourage registrations: unregistered participants have to contribute on arrival based on current estimates, while registered participants can contribute a corrected price on departure based on real data.

The associated costs have one purpose, providing infrastructure:

InfrastructureCost (in HUF +VAT)
Shower container235.000
Power distribution20.000
Event wristbands12.000
Conference room90.000
Internet uplink (estimated)30.000
Total infrastructure including VAT1641 EUR
Individual costs (in HUF, VAT included)
Entry fee4.500
Guided tour200

There is a small script available that prints out the prices based on the number of participants, which currently displays:

ticket price 17632.HUF / 58.7 EUR

As a privately organized community event we are not able to hand out individual invoices or bills. This is like friends paying together in a bar, everyone chips in, and we get one bill which we can hang in a frame or burn.

Header image is On Trooidos (1900) licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.