CampZer0, the first zeroth H.A.C.K. camp

How to get there

Coordinates: N 47° 45′ 2″ E 18° 5′ 38″

By car: M1 motorway is recommended from Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna as well. You have to take exit no. 85 towards Komárom, and route 13 leads you there. You have to purchase a vignette for M1, the cheapest option is 10 days for vehicles under 3.5t, which costs 2975 HUF. Motorway vignettes are virtual, they can be bought on-line with credit card payment on numerous sites.

A cheaper alternative is route 1, which goes directly through Komárom, but the speed limit is 50 km/h within towns, and 90 km/h elsewhere, in contrast with 130 km/h on the motorway. Cars can be parked on-site, including caravans.

By train (from/via Budapest): The train takes about 80 minutes from Budapest to Komárom, with express trains departing from Budapest Keleti (pályaudvar), others from Budapest Déli (pályaudvar) – international trains arrive in former, the two are directly connected by metro line M2.

Train tickets cost 1860 HUF for normal, 2010 HUF for express trains. The timetable can be seen and tickets can be booked on-line at MÁV-Start.

By train (from Vienna/Munich): International guests want to get to Munich or to Vienna, where the Railjet departs every 2 hours, these are equipped with power plugs and also Internet in Austria. You need to get off the Railjet in Győr, and take the last stint with a train that stops in Komárom. Trains run from Győr at least every hour, tickets costs less than 3 eur, which you can order online at MÁV-Start.

By train (from Berlin): International guests departing in Berlin can use any of the direct connections to Budapest, but should get off in Nové Zámky, which is only 20 kilometers from Komárom. According to the schedule trains run every 20-30 minutes from Nové Zámky to Komárno and tickets cost less than 2 €.

Here's how to get from the train station to the campsite: campsite map

What to bring

How to behave

(shamelessly copied from CCCamp 2011 guide)

Header image is On Trooidos (1900) licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.