Camp++, the twelfth H.A.C.K. camp


Tickets can be registered in our ticketing system and are required to participate at the event – even for speakers and/or organizers. Registration is free and submitting personal information is not required. Payment is done on your last day of participation, which is 1/n-th of the total costs of the camp, where n is the number of participants. See also our RFC about this. Every piece of information you submit to our ticketing system will be destroyed by the end of the event.

Important change since 2022 (and applies for 2024 as well): since we might share the campsite with others, every participant of the camp must register a ticket for themselves, as the campsite reception will check the ticket ID with a list of IDs from the ticketing system and each ID can only be used once. (They won't see any data you entered such as name, e-mail address or notes, just the random ID we generate and assign to your ticket.)

Although registration requires no personal data to be entered, you can verify the checksum of the certificate signed by a subset of the organizers using PGP.