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other: Diversity, out of fashion?


There is no SLIDES - In somewhat the same vein as jz's campfire chat, Let's talk informally and try to further understanding of the cultural homogenization process that the internet facilitates.

It would seem to me, without being a studied historian, artist, or biologist that diversity is a good thing, especially in times of crises. I could say more - the lack of diversity probably spells disaster.

It would also seem there are those who think that in order to avoid human conflict and war it would be best for us all to become the same, or is that simply classic capitalism maximizing it's market? :))

My interest in this whole theme has been prompted by my work with Rhizomatica, namely the deployment of autonomous cell phone towers in communities in Mexico. Because we facilitated people talking to each other on these cell phone devices, the question arises about facilitating all the other things.. data, IM, surveillance, "social" media timelines, marketing etc.

Do we connect the unconnected to their new masters?
Exactly how empowering is the Internet anymore?
Maybe not at all, if people have just done the same we did with that potentially wonderful technology, television.

What's needed? A health warning?
Maybe just supply the tech and let people look after their own culture? I really don't know. What do you say?

We can also talk about the tech stuff - but remember, There Is No Slides


Day: 2017-07-06
Start time: 20:30
Duration: 02:30
Room: Tea house
Track: /r/RATM


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