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lecture: Free Software is passé - a crisis or strange metamorphosis?

/a view from the backseat, as if nothing ever happened/


This talk will focus on key questions around the changes and decline of the political role and perception of Free And Open Source Software.
It used to be important to use free software as a political argument. It
is less so these days, the days that one would think some time ago would bring at least a second summer to the previously known 'movement'.

Everyone knows that the biggest contributor to code nowadays is the
movement's former biggest political adversary, Microsoft. The big five
(Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon) thrives and benefits from open source and so does the rest of the unicorns and hot heads.

At the same time most of the crucial code that is political and stands for peer to peer and encryption (to mention a few), are underfunded and hardly maintained or run by the above bunch with unlimited resources.

Yet at the same time the pop stars of free code are turning their backs on such important ideas as federation and rather contribute to "platforms" and their pop star status takes over the politics that initially raised them to this status.

On top of this users don’t give a f*** more then ever. Is it less and
less relevant because the value is in personal data rather than in
creating standalone apps as end products and services.

Is it that code is just code alone and not a political asset and all
that matters now is how it is being used?


Day: 2017-07-08
Start time: 16:20
Duration: 00:40
Room: Klapka
Track: /r/freesoftware


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