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lecture: FEAR AND DESIRE v.0.2

Living in binary systems creates binary solutions and binary politics: In binary systems there are no in-betweens.


We will look at examples of behavioural modification and influence in the time of the persistently automatised self - something we desire in the daytime but are scared of at night.

The rules of how we live are changing again - who decides which ones we should follow? Are the rules we are concerned about the rules we should be concerned about? What's new about these rules?

What does politics look like in the world when what matters is what - not really who - you've been, in the eyes of a persistent, unforgiving and forget-me-never infrastructure frequented by egomaniacs? The binary life of fears and desires.

We will try to generate some more questions, and leave the room with fewer answers. In a sentence - multimedia fun with no particular ending.


Day: 2017-07-06
Start time: 18:20
Duration: 00:30
Room: Klapka
Track: /r/RATM


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